Graphics Overhaul Update

Today I have released a major demo update with new artwork. This demo fairly closely represents the finished artwork of the game, there are still a few changes so bear with me if you notice issues. The key remaining changes are:

  • Fixing layering issues
  • Updated title screen
  • Contrast/colouring tweaks to maximise clarity
  • Tweaking sprites (especially side view... I drew that one so that's why it looks wrong)

The view has changed from a mismatch of top down and front view to a consistent 3/4 view. I was sceptical at first if this would be appropriate for the game as it may reduce visual clarity (it's hard enough solving puzzles top down) but I'm very happy with the artist's implementation. It was a great learning experience to see how an artist would implement things and I have picked up many tricks I can carry forward into other work by comparing how I and they approached tasks differently.

I really do think this investment in improved graphics will be beneficial, the previous art work had the risk of putting off potential purchasers before they could get a sense of the game. The market is so saturated that I can see many games with poor graphics turning off many people to a game they might otherwise have loved.

Comment with any feedback you have, and thank you to @fiskyfisko for your assistance with the artwork, please check them out on twitter.


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Dec 09, 2018

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