Updated Save System

Just a quick post. I've updated the save system to store the completion of the non-linear sections so players won't need to repeat any content. The updated version (v3.2) is published now.

In previous post I said I had changed the "delete file" method to be outside the game. After testing the new save system today I've realised that solution is tedious for the player. I'm going to re-add the ability to delete save files in-game, but will require the user to enter a phrase that couldn't be done accidentally ex. type "delete" to confirm. A little bit more coding on my part but a more elegant solution to address my concern of accidental deletion.

In reflection there are many small lessons like this (and code) that I can take forward into future projects and I hope to ramp up the speed of my development over time, if there is to be success I think it will be in the long term. Of course my next projects are more ambitious and will require new things to be learnt. Shaders, surfaces and networking (no plans for multiplayer soon) are three things that stand out as gaps in my knowledge.

As of tomorrow I have two weeks holidays from my full-time job, I'm planning to smash this out in those two weeks so expect many updates.


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Dec 19, 2018

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