Mistakes & Progress Update

I've realised in hindsight that more time than I would've liked was spent because I didn't build a proper cut scene system. The narrative was a bit more involved than I anticipated making my 'hacky' implementation less efficient than doing it properly. The next game that requires any cut scenes I will develop a proper system as I see the value in having the code on hand. I chalk this mistake up as "not knowing what I don't know", although I perhaps could've anticipated it with more thought. 

For the medium term I have lots of ideas and want to keep project development less than 6 months, and part of achieving that is publishing with code I know is a bit 'hacky'. This is one of the instances where that approach has burnt me and I'm sure it wont be the last. Regardless I still see value in this approach, especially early in a developers career, I don't want to be a developer working on his first game for 5 years+ before anyone plays it.

Since the last update I have made the below changes. Unfortunately most of this occurs behind the scenes or after the end of the demo so I have no demo updates or new visuals.

  • Created and updated multiple levels
  • Fixed a quality of life issue with one of the movement mechanics
  • Finished all cut scenes
  • Created a new title (work in progress)
  • Fixed majority of remaining bugs
  • Determined optimal score for majority of levels

With these changes there is not much to do given I have at least a month before I could release due to Steamworks approvals. The outstanding work for this period is:

  • 4 new levels maximum and 1 level tweak
  • A little bit of composition, then mixing and mastering of music
  • Finish new title and trailer
  • Fix a couple minor bugs

All of this should be complete in a couple of weeks, leaving the remaining two weeks or more for polish and marketing.

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