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Push Pull's Steam store page is now live with the completed trailer, if you are interested in the game please add it to your wishlist. 

I am mostly happy with the trailer, I think it may make the game appear easier than it is due to the art/music style, but I think for those who watch it through it builds some intrigue that there is more to the game than first impressions. I had issues with fine tuning in HitFilm Express as even on the highest playback setting there was lag. This results in a few moments where the players aren't moving for a bit too long,  ideally this would be trimmed to keep the trailer moving along quickly.

With the 8th of March release closing in the key tasks remaining are improving the music and adding about 5 levels. The music included in the demo I would consider closer to loops than tracks. By this I mean they are generally just repeated A sections, with instruments gradually added and removed at the start and end. To flesh these out into tracks I am doing things such as adding additional sections and adding more dynamic changes such as changing key or adding/removing instruments. Going through this I have noticed most of my melodies sound similar, which is partly due to being mostly in C major,  but primarily due to similar rhythms, note ranges and resolving through the phrase E->D->C. This is a weakness of my musical writing I will need to work to resolve in future games.

With the levels, I feeI I need a few more levels that focus on (a) using all mechanics together (b) Push and Pull working together (c) using a spoiler mechanic. These levels need to be really strong as they demonstrate the unique mechanics of Push Pull that separate it from other Sokoban style games out there.

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