Ice Mechanics

To wrap up the weekend I have partially implemented a new sliding floor mechanic (shown as ice currently but this may change if it doesn't suit the final theme). Out of the mechanic ideas I have, I am most certain that this one will allow for interesting puzzles. It needs another day's work before it's implemented for all situations. 

The GIF shows how the mechanic interaction currently works. I'm unsure whether sliding objects that collide with stationary moveable objects should force them to move or not. I believe my current system will allow more puzzle opportunities ex. finding a way to place a block in the centre of the ice to redirect off, but testing will tell.

Coding this mechanic has made me realise I need to do some code cleanup as I'm drowning in a sea of if statements. There are a lot of things to put in scripts and if statements to reorder to make it more manageable going forward.

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