Weekend Progress Update

A decent amount of progress this weekend, although a little less than I hoped. Here are the major updates:

  • New teleporter mechanic built: The attached GIF shows the mechanics of the teleporter. I have yet to create any levels with this mechanic, my initial instinct is it will create a few interesting puzzles but I may need another mechanic to make a reasonable length game.
  • New ice levels and discovered a new mechanic: the principles I outlined in the previous blog have allowed me to create many ice puzzles I would deem good, and one that I would deem excellent due to its complexity, despite appearing very simple. In my experimentation  I discovered an unplanned ice mechanic, which is a common experience other puzzle developers have spoken  and has added real depth to the mechanic.
  • Level flow complete: I have determined and programmed the flow of levels as shown in the flow diagram. After learning the basic movement mechanics, the player enters a hub where they can learn the three new mechanics in any order they like. This is an easy way for me to give some non-linearity to the game for little effort. Once they have learnt these mechanics they progress to the next section where all mechanics will be combined. I wont be discussing the final chapter to retain some secrecy regarding the narrative.
  • Control improvements: I fixed one of the three things with the controls that I felt was clunky, the Puller now leaves the pulling state by moving to either side. Once I allow the player to move both characters simultaneously, and tweak how quickly the player can move after rotating the movement mechanics will be complete, and only visual/audio feedback will be improved.

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