Lots of Levels Created and Teleporter Fixes

I spent the majority of today creating new levels (now at 24 all up), mainly some new switch mechanic puzzles and the introductory teleporter puzzles. As I anticipated the teleporter puzzles don't have the depth of the other mechanics. Ideally I would like all three mechanic learning sections to be equal length, but to maintain the quality of the puzzles this doesn't seem achievable. Teleporter puzzles are difficult to make, switch puzzles are easy to make, (especially if Pusher/Puller are split as then they are effectively just Sokoban and inverse Sokoban levels), and I am happy with the amount of ice levels I have now.

The minority of my time was spent fixing some bugs with the teleporters when undoing, and some secret work that I did to spice things up as level design is very tiring.

I think I will leave the mechanic learning sections for now and begin mixing the mechanics together, I need to know sooner rather than later if the mechanics have any interesting interactions, if not I may have to scrap the teleporter mechanic for something else.

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